A Catholic Volunteer Program

 We are Regnum Christi's 1-2yr volunteer program for men and women ages 18-25 who desire to serve Christ and His Church through meaningful and intentional mission work. Our Program is a one or two year commitment that helps young men and women grow in their faith while serving parishes, schools, youth groups, and families throughout the Country. 

RC Mission Corps is a formation program and a mission focused program. 

What are our Four Pillars of Formation?

  1. Spiritual : An RC Missionary strives to be a committed follower of Jesus Christ who battles daily to live faithfully the established prayer commitments so as to become Christ-centered in thought, word, and deed.

  2. Human: The RC MC Program calls young people to be the light of Christ to the world. The missionaries should be shining examples to their own generation of the beauty and joy of a life lived for others according to the ideal of Jesus Christ.

  3. Intellectual: RC Missionaries dedicate time and effort to forming "the mind of an apostle", so as to better understand the Catholic faith, the culture, and  in order to give clear and convincing reasons for the hope you profess (1 Pet 3,15).

  4. Apostolic: RC Missionaries identify with the calling of Christ as one who is "sent" to fulfill a specific mission. In a culture that glorifies self seeking, as a missionary you are called to serve with the heart of Christ, placing yourself third: God, neighbor, and then self. You must be willing to die to yourself by dedicating all your time and effort to prayer and apostolic work geared at helping others encounter Christ.

How do we serve?

  1. RC Missionaries utilize the principles of ECYD and Regnum Christi to minister to their peers.

  2. RC Missionaries are joyful and enthusiastic witnesses of Christ to all those they meet and serve.

  3. RC Missionaries have the unique opportunity to go deeper spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally through leadership development, vocational discernment, prayer life, and Catholic formation.

  4. RC Mission Corps is an incredible means of evangelization within Regnum Christi youth sections and the broader Church.


"It is Jesus who you are looking for when you dream of happiness. It is Jesus who inspires you to do something great with your lives, to long for an ideal, to reject mediocrity, to bravely commit, with humility and perseverance, to improve yourselves and society, making it stronger and more fraternal (John Paul II, World Youth day, 2000, Rome)."





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