About Us

The Mission Corps is a Regnum Christi Program through which a young person volunteers for one or two years to work exclusively for the Catholic Church. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to serve the local Church through active apostolate and to help other young people find the meaning of their lives in Christ. 

“Go into the entire world and proclaim the good news to the whole of creation” Mt. 28:19

RC Mission Corps is a program of formation and accompaniment designed for young people to have a real experience of Christ’s love, to be formed as apostles, to live selflessly and in constant self-giving in service of their neighbor, and to experience a journey towards vocational fulfillment.

Four Dimensions of Mission Corps

  1. Spiritual – During this year, a missionary is given an opportunity to grown in personal relationship with Christ through prayer and the sacraments. 

  2. Human – During this year, a missionary works on a personal program of human formation to build a rich and balanced personality and develop qualities such as: self-knowledge, a mature and upright conscience, responsibility, trustworthiness, and self-control.

  3. Intellectual – The year begins with a formation course in the summer to prepare a missionary for his or her mission year with a series of important workshops and seminars. This formation program is continued throughout the year.

  4. Apostolic – An RC Missionary serves in various apostolates throughout the Regnum Christi localities. This work may take many forms, (retreats, youth groups, mission trips, assist in schools, parishes, etc…), through any apostolate an RC Missionary works to build up Christ’s Church. He or She is Christ’s hands and feet and voice to bring Him and His Word wherever they go.

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