“Truth vs. Lie” A reflection on the Mercy and Love of Jesus

“Truth vs. Lie” A reflection on the Mercy and Love of Jesus

Every night here in our summer program, we have the opportunity to encounter Christ in the Eucharist. It is in this moment that Christ is present to manifest His great love for us.

Two weeks ago, I was able to experience a very special holy hour with my missionaries sisters! During this hour, with the guidance of RCMC alumni Fiona Keller and Fer Galvez, we reflected on the lies that we believe about ourselves and God and the truths contrary to those distortions about God. Accompanied by prayer, I realized that the lie I came to believe was that I was never good enough for our Lord. It has been apparent in my life for as long as I can remember. With my sin overwhelming me, it truly made me think that I was completely distanced from God and that there was no way of coming back–that He didn’t want me back.

This is truly the evil one’s manipulative way of making people think that they are not worthy of our Lord and that there is no mercy for them. However, during the holy hour, I was reminded of the Truth. God revealed to me, after making my general confession, that He loved me even if I think that my soul seemed too stained and too torn for Him to be present in. Jesus reminded me of His great love for me and I felt as if my soul has now been healed from the scars of my sin.

This is a truth that many people need to realize. The proof of His love is seen on the cross and in His resurrection. He proves this love in many parts of the New Testament–my favorite is Mary Magdalene’s story. Even though she was an adulteress and held on to many sins, Jesus looked at her, met her where she was at in her life, and loved her. His gaze says it all! Our God is a God of mercy and gives his unconditional love to all, especially for those that believe that their sin has brought them too far to come back.

Let Jesus look at you and love you for who you are, not for “what you should be.” You are never out of reach from His arms of mercy. Allow Him to draw near to you and surrender yourself into His arms where you will be the happiest. Heal your soul with His authentic unconditional love. There is nothing more that He desires than to love you.

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